MS Word 2016 Shortcuts Explained Part Six

Hi folks! In the 6th part of Microsoft Word 2016 shortcuts explanation series I will be explaining shortcuts and for editing section of home ribbon in MS Word 2016. As before I have tested all of these shortcuts before publishing. I have also provided detail according to my knowledge and usage. I hope this will help you become more efficient user in MS Word 2016.

Note: You can skip the following points if you are following my posts.

Points to consider:

  • Some of these shortcuts might not work in all versions of Microsoft Word (As I was able to test these only in MS Word 2016).
  • Device without function keys (F1-F12) on its keyboard i.e. Chrome book, certain shortcuts will not work for you.
  • The plus sign means you have to press both mentioned keys together.


  • Use this shortcut for spelling and grammar check.
  • Select a particular paragraph or just press F7 to check the whole document for errors.
  • Also note that if you are making a blog post you will get limited options for editing and less numbers of tabs. In that case the option for proofing is shown in Home Tab instead of Review Tab.


  • Use this shortcut to open the Find and replace dialogue box as follows.

  • Here you have options to go to a specific page number to a section etc.
  • Use of Ctr+F has been explained in previous post which can also be used for finding something in a document but here you have more options to find anything in document.


  • Use this shortcut to open replace dialogue box directly.

  • Here type what you need to replace in “Find What” Box and type the words you want to replace it with in “Replace with” box.
  • If you need to be more specific regarding your replacement click on more to open other options for replacement and find criteria.

  • For example, if you want to change “almost” from whole document with a synonym for it use this trick to do it instantly.
  • Here you will have some options like “Match case” for making your search for the words more specific and other language options according to the region you are in.


  • Use this shortcut to select all in the document regardless on which page you are.

  • Alternatively click on select and you will have options for selection as shown above or use the generic shortcut Alt Then H Then S Then L.
  • The first option “Select All” will select all the document.
  • Choose second option to select objects.
  • Use the “Select Text with Similar Formatting” to select the text with similar formatting. Even if you a paragraph with different formatting for each word this option will only select text with same formatting only. In following example i selected the text with Calibre light font text only with this option.

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