MS Word 2016 Shortcuts Explained Part Two

In this post i am going to explain Font styles, type and some basic effect used in MS Word 2016. I have also provided a little detail according to my knowledge and usage. I hope this will help you become more efficient user in word.

Note; If you are following my posts you don’t need to re-read the following points.

Points to consider:

  • Some of these shortcuts might not work in all versions of Microsoft Word (As I was able to test these only in MS Word 2016).
  • Device without function keys (F1-F12) on its keyboard i.e. Chrome book, certain shortcuts will not work for you.
  • The plus sign means you have to press both mentioned keys together.

Ctr+Shif+F (Font Style, Type, Effect)

  • Used for changing font.
  • This shortcut will open Font Window with all the options related to fonts type, Style, Size.
  • Press Tab to move around and choose different option.
  • Font Type i.e. Calibri, Time New Roman etc
  • Font Style i.e. Regular, Italic or Bold.
  • You can also change Font Colors, Underlining Style and color.
  • Underlining style include if you only want to underline words but no space i.e. For Example
  • Note; If you press Ctr+U to an existing underlined text with different style it will turn it back to a regular under lined text i.e. (For Example) will become For Example. In case if you selected any other underline effect this will change the text to regular underline text.
  • The other notable option is Effects in that Box.
  • Strikethrough effect…For Example You can also select this effect Alt+H+4 or simply use mouse and click on abc in Font Section of Home ribbon.
  • Double Strikethrough effect..Two Lines instead of one.
  • Superscript effect…X2 , you can use this for writing math formulae in word and also select this effect by pressing Alt+H+6.
  • Subscript effect…X2 , you can use this for writing chemical equations in MS Word and also select this effect by pressing Alt+H+5.
  • Small Caps Effect…For Example
  • All Caps Effect…For Example
  • I will explain Hidden Text usage in another post.

Note: The shortcuts starting from ALT here will only work if you press one key at a time..i.e. press ALT key then H and then 4, 5 or 6.

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